flickerSong - The best Music Light Show controller for LED String Lights

Compose and play synchronized music light shows with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Bounce the music light show to mp3 and play with the free scottEffx apps

MIDI Track notes trigger light show effects, from on/off to complex riffs

Christmas Music Light Shows

The flickerSong plays a music light show with LED string lights by changing the brightness in artistic synchrony to the music.

Each unit powers eight - 110V outlets for the string lights, from precise fades to strobe-like effects for fantastic holiday and party light shows. Plug and play expandable to as many flickerSongs as you want.

The flickerSong connects with WiFi to the iPhone or Macintosh using free ScottEffx apps

It is also a powerful dimmer controller and timer, 10 events per day scheduled to 'play' a particular dim setting or sequence, timed on a 24 hour clock with NIST precision

Halloween Music Light Show

The flickerSong light show is controlled by a MIDI stream as you program it using a Digital Audio Workshop such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, or Pro Tools.

Each flickerSong outlet ‘plays’ a light show effect
such as a fade on/off, attack, short burst or ANY brightness effect with 210 samples per second precision in response to each MIDI note. A Note/Channel MIDI map defines what effect is played.

Free ScottEffx Macintosh app lets you simulate your light show from a photograph of your desired scene, which you ‘decorate’ with
LED string lights using Photoshop or GIMP.

A completed light show is then bundled or ‘bounced’ using our free app to an mp3 music file with the light show configuration and MIDI file saved in the ID3v2 tag

Fantastic MIDI Music Light Shows!

flickerSong Music Light Show Videos & More

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Absolutely! flickerSong is a fantastic solution to synchronize your music to a light show for any occasion like Halloween. Compose your Halloween light show using Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Logic to turn MIDI tracks into light shows sync'd to the music.

And as musicians start to market their light shows, you can purchase them for your enjoyment

It sure will! flickerSong is a fantastic solution to synchronize your music to a light show for any occasion like the Holidays. The flickerSong runs LED string lights, not the older (Edison) incandescent lights. But who would want a light show with the old, slow light strings anyways.

Definitely. You can compose music light shows using music software like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro.

You can use MIDI Track notes to trigger light show effects, from on/off to complex riffs via standard string lights.

flickerSong has 8 independent 110V outlets each, and you can use 3 standard LED strings or more per each outlet, so 24 strings of lights or more can be used per flickerSong.

You sure can. Decorate your scene with LED's using design software like GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and the free scottEffx app on the Macintosh lets you create and simulate lightshows before hanging a single light string

Yes. flickerSong comes with built-in dimmer and timer functions with NIST timebase accuracy so you can turn your lights on and off to pre-determined dim states with 10 timer events per day. And as a bonus, any of those events can be a (no-music) light show sequence played at the time(s) you program.