The best Music light show controller for LED String Lights

Compose music light shows with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

MIDI Track notes trigger light show effects, from on/off to complex riffs

Eight independent 110V outlets for each flickerSong, 3 standard LED strings or more per outlet

Independent and flexible mapping to MIDI notes for each channel.

Free wifi control and editing software on the App store.

Simulation capable – Decorate a scene with LED’s on GIMP or Photoshop and Play.

Bounce to mp3 and use free Apps on the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh

Dimmer and Timer functions, with events scheduled with NIST timebase accuracy

As many flickerSongs as you want, add more, plug and play

Fantastic Lightshows!

Lightshow Videos & News

  • How To Make A Christmas Light Show

     You may be wondering how to make a Christmas light show. After all, Christmas has become synonymous with dazzling lights, embraced by people of all ages. The tradition of Christmas light displays started in the 17th century when people began...

  • Dr Frankensteins Castle, a light show simulation by

    The bonus soundtrack to Frankenstein's spooky sounds with a mansion lightshow is in this video, demonstrating what is possible with the ScottEffx Flicker, 44 channels in this case, with LED string lights. The light show is simulated using image layers in the image processing application GIMP. You can create and play back music light shows using your favorite music and LED string lights, also known as holiday string lights. The ScottEffx electronics and software make composing easy using a MIDI keyboard combined with Logic Pro to create, edit, and ultimately bounce to a single mp3 or equivalent music file. The resulting music light show is played using the ScottEffx media player or any other lightshow-enhanced media player.
  • Charlie Brown's Christmas, at the Seattle Boat Parade

    Charlie Browns Christmas animated with a Christmas light show on a yacht at the annual Seattle parade of boats. Uses 5 ScottEffx flickerSong units to power over 40 strings of LED pin-lights for a fantastic seasonal show.