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  • Best Practices for Programming Synchronized Christmas Lights

    As Christmas approaches, many homeowners aim to create a magical experience for visitors by synchronizing their Christmas lights with music. A musical light show provides an amazing visual experience for viewers, leaving a long-lasting impression and spreading the festive cheer even further. However, creating a synchronized Christmas light display requires careful planning and execution and can be daunting for first-timers. To help you, we have compiled the best practices for programming synchronized Christmas lights, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your audience. So, let's dive in and discover how to create an awe-inspiring musical light show this...

  • What is the Best Christmas Light Show?

    The holiday season brings with it a dazzling array of festive traditions, but few can rival the enchanting allure of a well-executed Christmas light show. As neighborhoods across the globe illuminate with twinkling displays of creativity and holiday spirit, enthusiasts and onlookers alike find themselves drawn to the mesmerizing spectacle of Christmas lights that sync with music. In the quest to identify the best Christmas light show, we embark on a journey to explore the most breathtaking, innovative, and harmonious displays that capture the true essence of this magical season. Join us as we unravel the wonders of these synchronized...

  • Killer Vibes - a LED music light show on the flickerSong by ScottEffx

    Another NAMM 2023 music light show has lights synced to music using 3 flickerSong units. It is one of 10 MIDI music light shows exhibited at our NAMM 2023 booth. The music 'Killer Vibes' is from Epidemic Sound. Designed for performing Christmas light shows, Halloween light shows and other venues, the flickerSong receives WiFi from an iPhone or Macintosh and plays the music light show on LED string lights connected to its 8 - 110V outlets. You might call it the WiFi MIDI Music Light Show machine! And when it's not playing a music light show, the flickersong is...

  • Dr Frankensteins Castle, a light show simulation by

    The bonus soundtrack to Frankenstein's spooky sounds with a mansion lightshow is in this video, demonstrating what is possible with the ScottEffx Flicker, 44 channels in this case, with LED string lights. The light show is simulated using image layers in the image processing application GIMP. You can create and play back music light shows using your favorite music and LED string lights, also known as holiday string lights. The ScottEffx electronics and software make composing easy using a MIDI keyboard combined with Logic Pro to create, edit, and ultimately bounce to a single mp3 or equivalent music file. The resulting music light show is played using the ScottEffx media player or any other lightshow-enhanced media player.
  • Charlie Brown's Christmas, at the Seattle Boat Parade

    Charlie Browns Christmas animated with a Christmas light show on a yacht at the annual Seattle parade of boats. Uses 5 ScottEffx flickerSong units to power over 40 strings of LED pin-lights for a fantastic seasonal show.
  • Fat Cat Shuffle - another LED music light show on the flickerSong by

    We loved doing this music light show on the flickerSong by It has such a nice cruising beat to it, and the music light show is - well its just mellow! This music light show like the other NAMM 2023 ones is played on our banner, and played for 3 days straight at that trade show along with the other 9 light shows. It uses 3 flickerSongs, for a total of 24 controlled outputs and 24 LED string lights. Each channel can power 3 or more such strings, but one per channel was enough for this banner