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Charlie Brown's Christmas, at the Seattle Boat Parade www.scotteffx.com


Charlie Browns Christmas animated with a Christmas light show on a yacht at the annual Seattle parade of boats. Uses 5 ScottEffx flickerSong units to power over 40 strings of LED pin-lights for a fantastic seasonal show.

This was a great light show, and the photography does not do it justice. We won an award for our light shows - best holiday spirit or something like that - but when it came time to try and photograph what we did, we had to drive to the opposite side of the Seattle Lake Union ship canal which leads to the locks, and try and get a good video. It was usual Seattle wintertime blustery, which is why the boat was parked instead of cruising around, the day after the official parade, and entertaining Seattle-ites. But to our luck, the boat WAS parked, and we were able to make our best effort to capture this LED music light show using 5 flickerSongs by scottEffx.com. The flickerSongs were hand-made prototypes unlike the unique design we now have, but they worked marvelously despite all the rain and weather intent on the kibash.