· By Scott Burkhart

Santa in a Hurry - a LED Music Light Show on the flickerSong by ScottEffx.com

This LED music light show was first shown at NAMM 2023 at the scottEffx.com booth. It is one of 10 music light shows shown at that event. The music is from Epidemic Sound.

Designed for performing Christmas light shows, Halloween light shows and other venues, the flickerSong receives WiFi from an iPhone or Macintosh and plays the music light show on LED string lights connected to its 8 - 110V outlets. You might call it the WiFi MIDI Music Light Show machine! And when it's not playing a music light show, the flickersong is a powerful dimmer controller and timer, with each of the 8 outlets individually scheduled to 'play' a particular dim setting anywhere from 'off' to full 'on', timed on a 24 hour clock with NIST precision.