Create Music Light Shows using the FlickerSong

The Music Lightshow Machine     

MUSIC LIGHT SHOWS with standard LED string lights, 8 channels each flickerSong

COMPOSE your own light show on a Mac and your favorite DAW with MIDI tracks

BOUNCE the light show and music directly to an MP3 file

 PLAY the light show using an iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh, apps free on the App store

 EXPAND to dozens or even hundreds of channels, plug and play with multiple flickerSongs

 MARKET your musical composition with embedded light shows for holiday, halloween, or any music venue.       Or, compose and use light shows for your own events

A flickerSong Light Show is light effects triggered from a standard MIDI file, Note/Channel commands operating in synchronism with the music, as composed by the musician on a Digital Audio Workshop (DAW) such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live or Logic Pro. Here are some views of the flickerSong application on the iPhone, with which you can control, play, and monitor connected flickerSongs

Images of the flickerSong App

Each light effect is exactly as desired, a time sequence of LED brightness at 210 samples per second. The musician can select from predefined effect shapes, or easily create and import their own light effects.

To compose a light show, the musician defines which effect is played in response to each MIDI Note and Channel combination. Thus 88 notes times 16 Channels -> 1408 unique effects are available for each LED string output. Using the musician’s favorite DAW, the MIDI light show is composed on one or more Software Instrument tracks, using Apple’s MIDI bus / IAC to broadcast MIDI to the ScottEffx/flickerSong application.

The musician can then compose, edit  and bounce the light show track(s) to an audio .mp3 file exactly like any music. When played, the effects and configuration are loaded automatically from the music file.

Simulate a light show using a photograph of the desired venue decorated with “lights” created using your own graphics application. Create the image layers for simulation using an image manipulation program / graphics application like GIMP (free) or Photoshop, then easily use the simulation while composing your light show.

Play your light shows using the scottEffx App, exactly like any music player application. The scottEffx App connects, sets up, and plays the music and light show thru all flickerSongs logged onto your local wifi router

Loop through your playlist of bounced music light shows for a continuous string of shows.

Repeat a light show sequence indefinitely (no music) independent of the App

 Utility Functions

Monitor  flickerSong per-channel output power, internal temperature and voltage

Conventional Dimmer function when not playing light shows, flickerSongs retain their dimmer settings even when disconnected from the light show app

Ten Daily Timed events, for each flickerSong such as on/off, trigger start of a single play or repeated light show sequence (no sound). No need for app connection

Firmware upgrades capable for product enhancement and new features


 Software App, controls:

  • Free apps for Macintosh, iPad, and iPhone
  • Control multiple flickerSongs, plug and play, on a common WiFi Router
  • 255 independent lightshow channels, each with it’s own MIDI map
  • Each channel / MIDI map is assigned an effect for every MIDI note/channel combo
  • Each flickerSong can subscribe to any 8 of the 255 channels, one for each of 8 LED outputs
  • Dimmer function: Control and dim all or individual channels between light shows
  • Daily timed events on/off, play a recorded light show sequence.
  • Mute buttons for lights and/or music
  • Compose and simulate light shows (Macintosh App) using popular DAW’s
  • Receive MIDI using Apple’s IAC Driver thru Audio MIDI Setup
  • Edit, load, and save effects and the MIDI map (Macintosh App)
  • Seamless flickerSong firmware updates (Macintosh App)



  • 40W per channel, 250W overall (eg. 3+ LED Pin-light strings per channel)
  • Use standard 120VAC LED string lights for Christmas, Halloween or other events
  • Individual and composite output overload protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Internal web server for provisioning the WiFi network name and password
  • Firmware upgrade utility
  • 8 LED Light String channels, unpolarized outlets
  • 255 effects up to 5 sec long each, up to 47 seconds of unique effects per flickerSong
  • 14cm diameter, 18cm tall, weight: 1kg
Scott Burkhart Effects LLC

“The Musicians’ Lightshow Company”